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    OK so  BPS root htaccess file = just the plain old root htaccess file?  – DONE

    BTW, I’d deleted the root htaccess file for the first temporary url over on siteground. It didn’t help matters. I guess I needed to do the second part:

    Don’t forget to check this BPS Root Custom Code text box:

    My question now is – where is the BPS Root Custom Code text box?

    I cannot access my admin dashboard!

    AITpro Admin

    @ beatty2020 – Do the steps below.

    Use FTP or your web host control panel File Manager tool and rename the /bulletproof-security/ plugin folder to /_bulletproof-security/.
    Delete the root htaccess file if it exists in your WordPress installation folder (same folder where the wp-config.php file is).
    Login in to your web host control panel.  Since you have SiteGround hosting you want to go to the PHP Manager tool and either resave your current PHP server version or change your PHP server version to a higher version.
    Check your WordPress installation folder for a new root htaccess file that might have been created by using the SiteGround PHP Manager tool.
    If you see a root htaccess file then copy all of the code in that htaccess file and post it in your forum reply so I can take a look at it.
    If you do NOT see a new root htaccess file then login to your website, go to the WordPress Plugins page, click the Must-Use link at the top of the Plugins page and click this link “Turn Off AutoRestore” under the BPS Pro MU Tools plugin to turn off AutoRestore.
    Use FTP or your web host control panel File Manager tool and rename the /_bulletproof-security/ plugin folder back to /bulletproof-security/.
    Go to the BPS Pro Custom Code page, which is here > BPS Pro > htaccess File Options > Custom Code.
    Click the Root htaccess File Custom Code accordion tab/button.
    Delete any php.ini handler htaccess code that you see in this Custom Code text box:  1. CUSTOM CODE TOP PHP/PHP.INI HANDLER/CACHE CODE
    Click the Save Root Custom Code button.
    Activate root folder BulletProof Mode.


    OK I’ve gotten the temporary url #1 to actually display – by going through your steps :

    • refreshing/re-saving the php version
    • deleting the htaccess file again
    • clearing all of the various caches

    and I have a series of errors that look to be similar to what I saw with temporary url #2 that has since last night become the main domain url. Main domain url is currently not working. The front page loads, but inner pages do not. And I can’t log in to the admin dashboard.

    Which ever site works without throwing errors is the winner and I’ll make that the domain url proper. I’m afraid that clearing the errors for temporary url #1 and then running through the Set up Wizard will start the same old avalanche of problems.

    I’m not sure what to do now.

    AITpro Admin

    You need to do all of the steps I previously posted of course.  If you have not done all of the steps then do them and let me know when that is completed.  I checked your site and see that all nav links have 404 errors.  That is typical caused by not having a root htaccess file.  Before activating your BPS root htaccess file you need to do all of the steps I previously posted.

    AITpro Admin

    Or if you would like for me to fix this then send a hosting account login and a WordPress Administrator login to:


    I guess I submitted that last comment exactly the same time when you posted your steps.

    So I’ve been able to follow everything – a few details I’m questioning.

    1. After I deleted the root .htaccess file, I waited five minutes to see whether a new one would get created. I continously cleared a lot of caches while waiting.
    2. A blank .htaccess file appeared. I clicked to view it just to make sure, and … my FTP app (Transmit) gave me this message: Upload Complete.
    3. I deleted this htaccess file.
    4. Getting BPS back online, Auto Restore in the Must Use section was already turned off.
    5. 2 Error messages appeared in the dashboard, but I ignored them and went to BPS Pro > htaccess file options > Custom code.
    6. Found the # PHP/php.ini handler htaccess code, deleted it
    7. Then when I went to save Root Custom Code button, I was asked/warned: “Did you remember to click the Encrypt Custom Code button first before saving your Root Custom Code?” —- I cancelled it and am now not sure what to do.

    Do I save Root Custom Code after Encrypting Custom Code?

    AITpro Admin

    You just need to save Custom Code and can disregard any reminder messages. Do these steps below and then run the Setup Wizards.

    Use Notepad or Notepad++ and create a plain text file.
    Add this htaccess code below in that file.
    Save the file with this file name:  default.htaccess
    Upload the default.htaccess file to your WordPress installation folder.
    Rename the file to .htaccess

    # This is a standard generic htaccess file that does NOT provide any website security
    # The DEFAULT .HTACCESS file should be used for testing and troubleshooting purposes only
    # BEGIN BPS WordPress
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
    # END BPS WordPress

    OK uploaded the htaccess file.

    Ran through the Setup Wizard.

    Do I need to run through the Activation again?

    Also, I have three errors on the admin dashboard:

    • WP Rocket htaccess code was not found in your Root htaccess file
    • WP Rocket Plugin htaccess code was not found in BPS Custom Code
    • Script|File Owner User ID Mismatch Notice
    AITpro Admin

    I received your login info for the site. Everything is fixed. These are the things I did.  I also ran the Setup Wizards again after doing the things below.

    SiteGround does NOT use php.ini handler code.
    I deleted this old php.ini handler code below in this Custom Code text box: 1. CUSTOM CODE TOP PHP/PHP.INI HANDLER/CACHE CODE
    Clicked the Save Root Custom Code button.
    Activated root folder BulletProof Mode.
    Note: When saving the Custom Code form you will see a reminder message. It is only a reminder message.

    # PHP/php.ini handler htaccess code
    AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php74___lsphp .php .php7 .phtml

    To fix the WP Rocket errors I did this >

    To fix the Script|File Owner User ID Mismatch Notice error I did this >
    Went to DB Backup > Create Backup Jobs Accordion Tab/button > Clicked the Rename|Create|Reset button.


    Oh … this is great. Thank you!

    Is it weird that I also had deleted (I guess just before you did this)?

    # PHP/php.ini handler htaccess code
    AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php74___lsphp .php .php7 .phtml

    I mean, is this something I should watch out for?

    Also, the htaccess file that I posted in the root folder is a dummy/test htaccess file. What do I do with it now that the site is running?

    AITpro Admin

    When you move a website to a new host, that host server may have different configuration files, rules, ways of doing things, etc etc, etc.  All web host servers are unique.  So you have to remove anything that you used on the old host server and add anything that is required on the new host server.  In this case your old host server used php.ini htaccess code and your new host does not use php.ini htaccess code.  Using php.ini htaccess code on a SiteGround host server will cause files to be downloaded instead of being processed.  When you activate BPS Root folder BulletProof Mode or run the BPS Setup Wizards it replaces the root htaccess file.

    Jeff Kayser

    I am getting the Script|File Owner User ID Mismatch Notice notice.  How do I fix?

    AITpro Admin

    Hi – Migrated a production site to a local install on my mac and included BPS Pro. I removed all error messages and ran through the Set Up Wizard fine. But one error remains.

    Script|File Owner User ID Mismatch Notice
    You have different Script or File Owner User ID’s for this folder or file: All Script and File Owner User ID’s must be the same in order for BPS and other things to function normally.

    Since I am doing extensive work on the local site and plan on pushing it live I’d like to avoid any problems when migrating it to a live server. What are the steps to take to fix this mismatch?


    AITpro Admin
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